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Coupons for Troops

Support Our Troops

Members of the military serve their country proudly, often sacrificing the luxuries of home and time spent with their families to do so. When veterans return home from training or deployment, many people want to show how much they appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women of the military, but don't know the best way to share that appreciation.

Donations to a veterans' charity is one measure of support the public can offer. Many charities work to serve the needs of veterans. The Wounded Warrior Project provides rehabilitation, counseling and activities for veterans who were wounded during service, while Homes for Our Troops remodels homes or builds them for troops who were injured and need their homes remodeled as a result of their injuries. The USO provides a variety of services for veterans and can always use donations or volunteers.

Other simple ways people can give back to troops is to personally thank them for serving their country. Share time with veterans and ask to spend time listening to their stories and experiences.

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